Alder Ivory

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Alder is inspired by the texture and design of natural woods and benefits from technology of porcelain tiles. Designed by the Spanish designers, Alder shows the beautiful veins and knots of the wood in a way that creates harmony in space. The design is available in four colors: brown, beige, cream, ivory and gray. Since wooden floors in the space are usually used with elongated dimensions to create more beauty, Alder wooden-look porcelain tile is also designed and produced in 20×120 cm2 and has various faces. Also, Alder Decor, which is produced in two colors, beige and gray, has a herringbone design, and its dimension is 60×120 cm2.

Alder is used for interior spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms as floor ceramics or wall ceramics. This tile is matte and rectified.

Interior Design Tips

Wood-look tiles brings a sense of closeness to nature in your spaces. The brown and beige colors used in this ceramic tile, give warmth to the space and you can use these colors along with cooler colors such as gray. Design your space with low variation of colors so that this tile harmonizes well with the decoration and interior design of your space.

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