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What is porcelain tile?

What is porcelain tile?

What is porcelain tile?

 In this article, we are going to explain about porcelain tile, porcelain tile is a uniformity product that is completely white after baking, which is produced from materials exist in nature under special conditions, under pressure, in high temperature. Porcelain is a very eye-catching and beautiful alternative with the best features of a covering for the floor and facade of buildings. Also, this product is the latest technology in the tile and ceramic industry. 

 What are the advantages of porcelain tiles?

Very high bending strength, two to three times more than granite stones.

very low water absorption, which is below 0.1%.

High resistance against freezing and frost, as well as impenetrable compare to stone.

High chemical resistance, acid and alkaline detergents.

Very high resistance against stainability.

Very high resistance against scratches and maintaining the beauty.

Having very high color stability against sunlight and ultraviolet rays, which is not seen in natural stones.

capable of producing in different sizes in variety of colors and designs.

Being fire-resistant which is not changing shape at high temperature.

Having the capability of dry installation and facade and high-rise buildingsLike an engineering tool, it has the ability to eat tools and install parts on itself.

What are the cons of porcelain tiles?

This product also has disadvantages, one of its disadvantages is the difficult installation of it, which must be done by an experienced person, and because this type of tile has a high density, it is difficult to cut and install, compared to other types of tiles.As well as being heavy due to the high density of the texture of this type of tile, it has also caused it to be transported more sensitively than other types. 

Being more expensive than normal tiles and also the installation costs are reasons for the higher cost, but because of the high durability of this product, its cost is justified.Another disadvantage of this product is that, it is more difficult to repair than ordinary tiles, and the cost of repairing it. could be also higher, but because of the reasons we mentioned, due to the high resistance and durability of this product, it rarely needs to be repaired. 

What is the process of porcelain tile production?

In the process of producing porcelain tiles, due to the advanced existence of raw material preparation and mixing of raw materials in accordance with each other to create a better porcelain and improve its features, and produce a completely mixed composition in the ball mill hub, which ultimately causes overall uniformity will be. The production of granules (seeds similar to apples) as the primary particles of porcelain production, the shape of the granules and the percentage of moisture in them make them lock together during full pressing, and this causes the density to increase. 

Finally, the pressing of the granules produced with a specific percentage of moisture is one of the most important reasons for increasing the strength and other features of porcelain. Finally, baking a porcelain product that undergoes a baking cycle, causes the final phases to appear in porcelain. In this cycle, the temperature is around 1200 degrees Celsius, which helps to be resistant and stable against reactive factors, and finally, the product shines and the appearance quality of the product increases during the polishing stage.

What is the usage of porcelain tiles?

Residential complexes such as villas and apartments

Toilets and bathrooms

Stairs and counters

interior and exterior facades

Sidewalks & yards

Companies and organizations

Factories and warehouses

All public places such as schools, colleges and shopping centers, airports, etc.


 in this article, we read about what porcelain tile is, what its uses are, and what differences it has with ordinary tiles, and we got to know its advantages and disadvantages. At GoldisTile we do our best to provide the best product quality for our clients. You can contact us by calling 0218740.    


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